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Sports physio and massage by experts in Newcastle upon Tyne

From acute sports injuries to long-term niggles, we understand your need to be pain-free and physically active. Contact Physio Plus and we can help you reduce the pain with our effective physiotherapy sessions.

Helping you tackle joint and muscle pains

Need help to restore, balance and maintain the well-being of your body? We can help. At Physio Plus, we have the skill and expertise to get you back to full fitness. From general pains to specific sporting injuries, our specialist team can handle it all. We offer advice on how to look after your body and prevent the recurrence of the problem by recommending suitable exercises and massage options.  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions for your reference:

Frequently asked questions

Who is appropriate for physiotherapy?
People of all ages can benefit from physiotherapy. Whether you need to reduce pain, restore movement or return to work, sports and hobbies, an individual treatment plan will be made for you.

What conditions can be treated? 
At Physio Plus we are experienced in the treatment of a wide and varied range of conditions that involve pain, weakness or loss of movement. If you are unsure whether we can help you look at the treatment pages of this website, or feel free to call us to discuss it on 0191 281 2021. We are always happy to tell you if we do not feel we can help you.

What can I expect when I receive treatment?
Your initial session with us will involve a thorough assessment to establish a diagnosis and identify the cause of your symptoms. This will involve asking you some questions about your condition and then looking at your movement and feeling the affected area to identify the underlying cause of your symptoms. Your physiotherapist will explain these findings to you and devise a treatment plan with you. The effects of any treatment will be continually monitored and adjusted accordingly, dependent on your feedback.

Do physiotherapists treat back and neck pain?
All of the physiotherapists at Physio Plus are highly experienced in treating a wide range of spinal problems, including disc, facet joint, nerve or muscle and ligament problems. Back and neck problems actually constitute the largest part of our caseload.

How many sessions will I need?
Following the initial assessment your physiotherapist will discuss this with you. It is important to remember that everybody is different, and therefore responds differently. If at any stage you are not progressing as we would expect then we will review the plan and if necessary can make onward referrals to appropriate consultants. We will always tell you if we feel physiotherapy is not appropriate for you and aim to resolve your problem in as few sessions as is possible.

Will I be expected to do anything in between treatments?
We work in partnership with you to ensure your recovery is optimal and to minimise the chances of any relapse. Therefore, you will be given lots of things to think about and do during the week. What you do between treatments is just as important as your treatment.

Do physiotherapists manipulate?
Any physiotherapist with the relevant post graduate training can manipulate. If manipulation is judged to be appropriate for your condition then your physiotherapist will discuss this with you prior to performing the procedure.

How do I know my physiotherapist is fully qualified?
All the Physiotherapists at Physio Plus are Chartered and are members of the Health Professional Council (HPC). This means they have undergone an initial three or four -year Honours Degree to enable them to practice. Following qualification, practitioners must undertake regular courses to maintain the conditions of their registration, and abide by the professional codes of conduct of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and HPC. You can check your physiotherapist is registered at

How long is the wait for an appointment?
At Physio Plus appointments are available within 24 – 48 hours of you contacting us, and sometimes same day appointments are available.

Do I have to be referred by a doctor?
No, anyone can make an appointment to come and see us. If we feel that further medical advice is needed we will refer you back to your GP or on to another consultant. If you have private medical insurance and wish to use this to pay for the treatment, you may need your GP to refer you. You will need to clarify this with your insurance provider.

How long is the appointment?
Each physiotherapy appointment lasts approximately 30 minutes.

What should I wear?
Your physiotherapist will need to examine your symptomatic area. If you have a lower limb problem bring a pair of shorts, for a back or shoulder problem you may need to remove your top. You will never be asked to remove underwear.

Should I bring any X-rays or medical notes with me?
It is useful to bring any additional information you have regarding your symptoms to allow your Physiotherapist to make fully informed decisions about your treatment.

What is the cost of treatment?
Please see our Prices page.

How do I pay?
You can pay using cash, card payment or cheque. If you have medical insurance, in most cases we will collect payment directly from them, however we must remind you that you are ultimately responsible for payment for any treatment you receive.

I have private medical insurance, am I covered with you?
All the physiotherapists at Physio Plus are recognised by all the major medical insurance companies. These include BUPA, AXA PPP Healthcare, Simply Health, CIGNA, Aviva, WPA and Pru Health.

"As a distance runner, sports massage is an essential part of my fitness programme, to help prevent injury and promote recovery after training. I use Physio Plus and really can't recommend them highly enough. They have a genuine interest in my sport, a wealth of experience in sports massage and the treatment I have receive have been first-class." Mr D.Coxon, Newcastle
To request our services in Newcastle upon Tyne, contact us on 0191 281 2021
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