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Sports specific rehabilitation in Newcastle upon Tyne

Want to get back on the rugby pitch, the golf course, the tennis court or the balance beam?
Whatever your sport, we can provide rehab programmes to help you achieve your goal. Call us for more information.

Your recovery is our top priority

The idea of sport specific rehabilitation is that final step between being pain free and being fit to return to sport. There is a large leap from ending treatment in the clinic to making your first tackle in football or pivoting on a knee when suddenly changing direction in a game of rugby. You need to know that the knee is not going to ‘break down’ under pressure and that you are able to return to your sport with full confidence that you are fit and ready. At Physio Plus we carry out specific assessment to determine what your body is required to do for your given sport and plan a rehabilitation programme to address the problem areas. Patients are taken outdoors to carry out drills which mimic the movement patterns and recreate the stresses applied in their individual sport.
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Rely on our skilled therapists

We work on speed, agility, quickness drills, core stability, flexibility and specific skill demands for the given sport. These are controlled and progressed to increase the stress on the patient's injured area. This ensures all aspects of rehabilitation are covered, with the objective to ensure a reduced likelihood of the injury happening again. It also improves psychological readiness to return to sport so that you can be confident in giving 100%.
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We have experience in:

  • Rugby
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Gymnastics
  • Ice Hockey
  • Running and triathlon
  • Golf
We work with a number of sport clubs - Gosforth Harriers, Newcastle University Rugby Club and Wallsend Harriers.

“After months of a painful hip following the Great North Run, I called Physio+ and was able to make an appointment on the same day. Following her diligent diagnosis and bespoke treatment, I am thrilled that my hip has improved whilst maintaining my training schedule.” Miss C. Burton, Whitley Bay
Looking for a sports injury clinic with excellent rehab facilities in Newcastle upon Tyne? Contact us on 0191 281 2021
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